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Hello world!

Posted: February 24, 2011 by Sreekanth P. S. in Uncategorized

So as usual blogging starts with the famous words from the programming world “Hello World!”.

Quite apt words to start with because Futuristic Architecture is all about the computerization of the architectural profession and practices. The way computer generated architecture has revolutionized the form and structural concepts  are evident in the works of Frank O Gehry and buildings like Burj Khalifa.

So lets get to the point now. What will I be dealing with here? As the title suggests its all about Futuristic Architecture. What I will be trying to do is bring out to the readers the concepts and innovations in the field of architecture in a technical yet simple language. The aim will be to make it easier for those with little knowledge in architecture or technology to understand the concepts explained.

All archi enthusiasts please encourage me with your suggestions and comments. I need them to keep this going. So that’s all from me as an individual. Lets move ahead and further explore the Futuristic Architecture world.