Architecture in Movies – Star Wars

Posted: May 7, 2011 by Sreekanth P. S. in Futuristic Architecture, Movies
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Architecture in the Star Wars films is awe-inspiring , definitely leagues ahead of the time it was made portraying civilizations beyond the realm of ‘normal’ visionary architecture and like all movies of the same genre the architecture on screen really mesmerizes one and all.

Coruscant is a very densely populated planet, owing to the large urban history it has. No vegetation survives there and the technology has totally altered the climate too. In a way ‘man’ has taken complete control of ‘nature’.

Stellar energy is refocused and distributed using vast orbital mirrors.Thousands of strategically placed CO² reactive dampers  regulate the planet’s heat and the city gets water by melting polar ice and piping it across the planet.

The architecture of the city appears eccentrically futuristic , and has been criticized for lacking a historical feel. It is rendered with a uniform silver aesthetic of the aluminum and glass aesthetic; a plastic engineered feel that looks like one person designed it and it was all created in a very short period of time.

Transportation has been elevated high into the air, weaving between the towering skyscrapers and filling the sky with the bedlam of the endless crisscrossing movement of an immensely busy traffic system displaying the vast technological development of the time.

Otoh Gunga

Coruscant extends vertical and Naboo extends horizontal with domes similar to Hegia Sophia, the underwater city of the Gungans is all spheres similar to water globules. This organically grown city appears as a cluster of jewel-like bubbles connected together in the dark waters of the deep ocean.
The architecture of Otoh Gunga is organic literally with the city material itself been grown, so as to establish a close organic relationship with the environment.

Tipoca City
Rising from the violently rough waters of the ocean-planet of Kamino is Tipoca City, a sealed air utopia mounted on strong supports that withstand the attacking winds and waves, a model of future city on stilts on water . While the city does stand challenging against the elements, a closer look at its architecture reveals graceful curves that help aerodynamically in redirecting and deflecting the winds.

For the city’s interior, the designers crafted a clean, suave, ultramodern environment of glimmering white well suited to the classy alien race of genetic engineers that inhabits them.

Tatooine architecture is a desert architecture that appears quite rural at a first glance and it signifies a planet lacking in natural resources,so the people built villages with the last resources of the planet over a long period of time. Curved, earthen structures resemble adobe construction in India and Mexico.

  1. Shishir says:

    Stars wars is my all time favorite movie… Even i was fascinated by its architecture.. good post dude….

  2. Robert Martin says:

    Cool buildings!

  3. Thanks!…

    Thanks for all your insight. This site has been really helpful to me….

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